Sunday, March 20, 2011

Zoo Day

Gina Hodson and I are visiting teaching comps and one of the girls we visit is Roxanne Shipley. We decided to meet at the zoo on Wednesday with all the kids and visit there :) It was a perfect zoo day. The baby otters were swimming and playing, the gibbons were swinging and singing, even the snow leopard was walking around and playing with his big ball! (I've never seen that animal move in all the times I've gone to the zoo) The penguins were swimming, the baby giraffe was being fed in the back where we could see, and the gorillas were enjoying the sun. The kids had a blast running around in a little pack and hanging out. They played for a long while at the play ground/ ant hill, sliding down on cardboard boxes... it was so cute to watch. William slid down with a smile for the first time and was being extra goofy too. He was sliding down on his belly and taking turns in the box with the older girls too.

My favorite moment of the day however, was when we passed by the carousel (which is never open) and William looked in and saw it. He stood there for a second and then his mouth dropped open with a big "WOW" and he ran toward it. It made me laugh.
We love the zoo.


  1. I miss the Santa Barbara zoo.. and you guys. Sounds like a perfect day at the zoo indeed!

  2. That is so cute!
    Our zoo is too far away. How lucky to have a zoo close by! Miss you guys.